The Best Films of the 2010’s – The complete list

Here is the list of films that I believe were the best of the class of the 2010’s. They range from Sci-Fi to Political Commentary to Neo-Westerns to BioPics and everything in between.

In my Top 10, the Top Four really stood above the crowd and #1 and #2 could be interchanged easily. I went with Spotlight in the end because I view it as an important film as well as a great one.

In a few days, I will post my updated Top 100 films list with some shuffling and some new entries.

The Top 10

1              Spotlight

2              Arrival

3              Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

4              Gravity

5              Inside Out

6              Tree of Life

7              Once Upon a Timeā€¦In Hollywood

8              BlacKkKlansman

9              The Wolf of Wall Street

10           Logan

The Next 10

11           The Irishman

12           Whiplash

13           Parasite

14           Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse

15           Social Network

16           Toy Story 3

17           The Big Short

18           Argo

19           Hell or High Water

20           Get Out

Other 4-Star Films from the 2010s

                 Zero Dark Thirty


                 Mad Max Fury Road

                 The Hateful Eight


                 The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo


                 Django Unchained