Parasite is not all that big of Surprise: Oscar 2020 Recap

Parasite is easily the most critically acclaimed film of the year and Director Bong Joon-ho has made some other very interesting and unique films. He is a life long student of film making, American films in particular. Perhaps my favourite moments of last night were is nods to Martin Scorcese, one of his idols, and Quentin Tarantino, who has been talking about Bong’s films for a number of years now.

“Parasite” is a winner of four major awards and joins a select few international film films as four time Oscar Winners. (“Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon” and “Fanny and Alexander” being others). Its will go down in history after 92 years as the first flim entirely in a foreign language to win the top prize. Its a worthy choice in my books. Its not a typical Oscar film by any means.

All four acting categories went as expected. Loved Brad’s speech and Laura Dern’s speech. Renee rambled and Joaquim had a couple of poignant moments but but I would rather hear him talk about developing his character.

If there is one thing I hope people heard, it was his shot against cancel culture, about dismissing people entirely because of one past (often percevied) nistake or joke. “I was a scoundrel” he said, with a great choice of words.

I loved Eminem’s surprise performance of his Oscar winning “Lose Yourself”. Loved it. There is a lot of buzz about “how random” that was today, but those are the same people that will complain about the show being too predictable.

I truly loved James Corden and Rebel Wilson coming on stage in full “Cats” make-up. It reminded me of when I saw the band Styx play their song “Mr. Roboto” live a few months ago. If you are involved with something that bad, own it!

If there was a “tell” early in the evening that “1917” was not going to take top prize, it was “Ford v Ferrari” winning Sound Effects and Editing. The AMPAS did not seem to have same love for “1917” that BAFTA and the Globes did.

The show clocked in about three hours, which , by Oscar standards, is shockingly lean.

The Netflix Resistence

I can’t remember where I read this, but one Oscar columnist called NetFlix the biggest distruption to the movie industry since television and that may be correct. There were a lot of nominations but only a couple of scattered awards. The Academy is yet for fully embrace the (essentially) non-theatrical productions. And many industry heavy-weights, including Stephen Speilberg are pushing to keep non-theatrical releases like “The Irishman” and “Marriage Story” away for the The Oscars.


“The Irishman” has the dubious distinction of 10 nominations and no wins. I would give it Editing and perhaps Adapted Screenplay. Only “The Turning Point” and “The Color Purple” have had bigger shut outs. All other 8 best picture nominees won at least one award.

“Jojo Rabbit” winning for Best Screenpay Adaptation over “Little Women”. I was not a fan.Didn’t hate it but didn’t love it and it would not make my Top 10 of last year. I understand the premise, the playfulness and I love off-beat humour but the whole picture for me was clunky. There were other categories where it could have won.


I was more surprised about “Parasite” winning Best Original Screenplay that Director or Picture. That was a tough category.

“!917” is an excellent film and was on an impressive winning streak working up to last night. I am happy with the win for “Parasite”, especially after last years dismal choice, “Green Book”.

Other Random Thoughts and Things Before I Get Started with My Week

Cynthia Erivo. Wow. Starred, wrote the song and killed it on stage live. Need to find out more about you. That was the true shock of the night for me.

Why didn’t anyone introduce Chrissy Metz?

Thank you Elton for letting Bernie Taupin have his moment first!

The unsung star of the night: Bong Joon-ho’s translator!

For the record, I went 18 for 24. I missed Picture, Director and both screenplays.

I need to see “Learning to Skateboard in a War Zone (If You’re a Girl)”

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