Commentary – A Few Notes Before the Top 10

A few notes before I start to reveal the Top 10 tomorrow.

First and foremost, SPOILER ALERT! While I do intend to write reviews, some day The Top 100 are not reviews. These will be commentaries on the films; their history, story and what it is that make me value them so much.

All of them are well known films. Five are best picture winners and they range in age from 2003 to as old as 1951. Only one is a certified “blockbuster” but all the titles are well known. So if you haven’t seen one, I envy you. You get to see it for the first time. But read my entry after you do if you don’t want to know some key points of the film.

Second, my #1 selection has been just that for almost 20 years. That said, any of the top 4 could be #1. I love them all. All of the Top 10 are films with meaning to me. I remember when I first saw them. What I felt. What my reaction was. For the ones I saw theatrically, the experience in the theatre.

I will reveal the Top 10 one at a time, every few days. The 10 entries are written and for what its worth, I kinda like the dramatic effect.

I started this blog for a number of reasons. I always wanted to. I enjoy writing. I love film. I wanted to chronicle my favourite films.

But most of all, my hope is that a reader will be interested by a movie, seek it out and watch it.

If there is a movie in my Top 10 you have not seen, it’s a great place to start.

A lot of my top films appear on other bloggers and critics all time great lists. That’s just fine. I refuse to be weird for its own sake. These are all wonderful films. The great ones stand the test of time.

On to the Top 10. Entry #10 is precious to me. Very preciousssss….

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