Dan’s All Time Top 100 Films – Introduction

In 1996, I spent a year off work with a back injury. Eleven months to be exact. During that time, to help maintain my sanity between surgery, physio and painkillers, I discovered imdb.com and a web based critic named James Berardinelli (www.reelviews.net) . James and Roger Ebert stood for a long time as my favourite two critics.

James published an all time Top 100 films which inspired me to do two things…

1 – Create the same Top 100 list

2 – Make a list of every film I have ever seen. I figured I would need to do this to create the top 10

I have been picking away at this for years. There are now over 1600 movies on my list and though I know its not complete, its complete enough for me to make the Top 100.

The top 10 was easy. Number 1 was a no-brainer. What was hard was pairing down and eliminating movies that I love from the list. Wrath of Khan & THe Conversation were the last moviesI left out. But there was nothing on the list I was willing to part with to get them on the list.

As time passes, as I watch more, this list will change. Gravity entered this list this year. Also, older films that I discover or rediscover will get added as well.

I love film, love discussing, debating, re-casting, wondering what if – no medium can act on you quite the way film does. Even if you look at this past year, the worlds we escaped to in Gravity and Her or the people we met in Blue Jasmine and Wolf of Wall Street.

There are certain themes in my Top 100 – I love gut wrenching bio pics, war films, offensive comedy, crime movies and movies with a darker side. I love sci fi and fantasy. There are even three bona fide chick flicks.

So, now I turn to WordPress (thanks James Howe to introducing me to this over Facebook) and over the next coming weeks, I will reveal and talk about my all time Top 100 ten or so films at a time.

Nothing would make me happier than to have you ring in, opine, tell me where I am wrong, what you love, why you love or hate a film and when all is said and done, the movies I left out!

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